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Lola Luna - Bracelet - Anna Bracelet

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Collection : Sahara
Catalogue : 40 %
Brand : Lola Luna
Anna Bracelet / Only / One Size Only
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One Size Only
Colour :
Beautiful bracelet made of rhinestones and amber stones coordinated to each other forming elegant beauty.

Matching the SAHARA, NIAGARA g-strings open

The g-strings by Lolaluna are created by a French designer who comes from the South of France.
He manufactures graceful and sexy g-strings. Sometimes sensual, always provoking and sometimes very gentle and adorned with jewellery or accesories, the Lolaluna g-string is always deliciously luxurious. Open or closed thong, mini g-string or micro g-string: Lolaluna remains the old designer of sexy g-strings.
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